13 Items to Keep in the Car this Winter

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February 10, 2016
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February 10, 2016

Unfavorable weather conditions can strike at any time, especially during colder months which can leave you stranded in the snow if you’re not careful. Are you prepared should you find yourself trapped in your car during a snow storm or other event?  If you answered, “No,” keep reading today’s blog for a list of items to include in your car’s winter tool kit.

  1. Blankets – Blankets are a great item to keep on hand during any season. In the winter they can be used for not only warmth, but also as a traction tool should you find your tires stuck in the snow.
  1. Spare Cell Phone Battery or Charged Cell Phone – This will come in handy during emergency situations when your phone runs out of battery. If you’re not able to keep a fully charged spare battery in your car, a simple go-phone will do, just make sure it’s loaded with minutes.
  1. Flares – If you’re stuck at night, you’ll want to alert other drivers or emergency vehicles of your location. 
  1. Screw Driver or Multi-tool – A screw driver or multi-function tool will come in handy if you need to repair something, break the glass, or chip away at ice that has formed around your tires.
  1. Rock Salt, Sand, or Kitty Litter – If your tires are stuck in the snow, use rock salt, sand or kitty litter to gain needed traction. The preferred source is rock salt, but any of the three will do.
  1. First Aid Kit – This is an item you should always have on hand in your car. 
  1. Extra Winter Clothes – Make sure to pack extra jackets, pants, socks, long sleeve t-shirts, whatever might help keep you warm during an extended amount of time. You might also want to toss a couple of hand warmers in to.
  1. Shovel or Plastic Trowel – If you need dig out a path for your vehicle or self, a shovel or plastic trowel will come in handy. Plastic trowels are typically easier to maintain since they will not rust after making contact with the snow.
  1. Dried Foods – Don’t store any foods that need to be heated up or cooled off in your car. Granola bars, trail mix, or anything dry will make a great snack. 
  1. Jumper Cables – Cold weather has a tendency to kill car batteries since it requires extra energy to warm up during the winter. You may want to consider storing a self-sufficient battery kit, so that you’re not reliant on another vehicle.
  1. Flashlight – If it’s dark out or you need to see in to a dark space, you’ll be glad you packed a flashlight.
  1. Batteries – Make sure to keep multiple size batteries on hand, including the size needed for your flashlight.
  1. Snow Scraper with Brush – A snow scraper will be useful if you need to quickly remove ice from your windshield and to make life easier, be sure to buy one with a brush.

You may be wondering why we didn’t include water on our list, but if temperatures stay below freezing for an extended period of time, water and other like liquids can explode. What items do you keep in your car during the winter?