Goodbye Clutch, and Hello Otto!

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March 30, 2016
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May 11, 2016

Big changes are happening at Clutch – Driving Optimized, or should we say Ottobon? In case you didn’t hear, Clutch is now Ottobon! Don’t worry, everything you know and love about our connected car app will remain the same…besides the name of course! We’re still here to help you save money by monitoring driving habits, fuel efficiency, and more.

So, what’s with the name change? When we first started designing an app to help transform our users’ cars into futuristic computers we thought we hit the nail on the head with the name Clutch, but as it turns out we could do better and we think we have! We felt the name “Clutch” put us in a box, without room to grow and as it turns out several users thought our app was designed and exclusively usable by only cars with manual transmissions! Yikes! Ottobon is not only a better name, but a clearer reflection of our goals – and it’s led to the creation of your new driving pal, “Otto.”

A name change often indicates a change in scenery, but stop worrying – our team is staying the same and we will continue to listen to your comments, questions, and concerns, as well as continue to cross items off your wish list. In fact, here is a sneak peak at what our development team is working on and looking forward to releasing in the coming months:

  • Updated Database – You’ll now be able to select your car, or cars from a database of more than 40,000 than cars!
  • Find My Car – Ottobon will be able to assist you in finding your car after you have lost it in the parking lot. Trips to Disney World (or the local grocery store) will now be a breeze.
  • Web Portal – View and download your trip reports online via a desktop or laptop computer!