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March 14, 2016
March 23, 2016

Spring has sprung, or so they say. The first day of Spring always leaves us dreaming of warmer months, baseball, and upcoming vacations, until we wake up and remember our laundry list of Spring Cleaning to-do’s. Ease in to cleaning this year by starting with the car. Nice and easy, right? And just in case you haven’t cleaned your car since the day you brought it home, we put together a small list of insider tips and tricks to help you get started.

  1. Never continue to use a towel, rag, t-shirt, etc. after it falls on the floor. Why? Towels pick up dirt, concrete and other unwanted particles when they fall onto the floor, which can scratch your car. We recommend collecting a variety of towels in a bucket to keep nearby during the wash process, because you’re bound to drop a rag or two.
  1. Don’t use shampoo, dish or hand soap, or any other cleaning fluid that is not specifically formulated for a car. We know it seems obvious, but you would be surprised by the amount of people still ruining their paint job by using the same soap they washed their hair with 5 minutes ago.Car Brush Cleaner
  1. Use a cheap, clean foam or paint brush to clean between AC vents, as well as to clean knobs, buttons, screens, etc. Use a small vacuum hose to collect dust as you clean.
  1. Don’t forget to slide seats all the way forward, and all the way back to ensure that you have collected every last bit of trash. You’ll also want to remove floor mats, we’re certain something is hiding underneath there…
  1. Instead of buying fancy polishing fluid, use plain olive oil to polish and condition the leather on your dashboard.
  1. Remove stains from floor mats by first spraying them with stain remover and tossing them into the washing machine (If its tub is big enough) or use this DIY recipe and a scrub brush (add an essential oil, like Lavender to the mixture if the smell of vinegar is bothersome).
  1. Soak dryer sheets in warm water to remove love bugs and other stubborn pests from your grill, bumper, and other areas.
  1. Always keep a package of baby wipes in the glove compartment to quickly clean up messes or wipe windshields and car windows on the fly.
  1. Never wash a car just after it’s driven (other than moving it out of the garage) or if it’s been sitting in direct sunlight for a long period of time, both of these instances create splotches.
  1. Use a chamois or soft terry cloth and a squeegee to dry your car after washing it. Popular techniques like air drying or driving around to dry, create unattractive watermarks.

If you have your own tricks or techniques for cleaning and detailing your car, share them with us in our comments section or online at Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, and don’t forget to share your after-photos with us. Happy Spring Cleaning!